Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

For some of the worlds’ most successful companies, the cloud is the key to ensure flexibility and business continuity. Talk to Nautilus team today to build your own business continuity plans.

Using Nautilus Telephony Solution for Business Continuity Planning – Enabling Today’s Workforce Anywhere and Stay Contactable.

Given the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, companies are encouraged to immediately kickstart the BCP measures by adopting a few new work arrangements that includes, splitting into alternate teams, telecommuting and teleconferencing, work from home. In an unpredictable environment, businesses need to be ready for anything – Coping with quarantines, or simply allowing employees to work from home without compromising daily business operations.

Although businesses are focused on moving their customer engagement online, many customers still prefer a warm body to speak to when it comes to getting assistance. In fact, as much as 92% of calls made to businesses are a result of marketing efforts on digital channels.

With Nautilus Cloud and Hybrid Telephony solution, you can stay connected to your clients and colleagues from home, office, or anywhere in the world.

Contact us now via conference meeting or face-to-face meeting to learn how your organization can embrace and adapt to changes easily.

Business benefits-at-a-glance:

  • Customers still prefer a phone call when it comes to getting answers or support
  • Businesses need to ensure they are still contactable even if they are working away from the office
  • Business fixed lines subscribers can access to incoming calls or make outgoing calls remotely via IP Phone, Soft Phone and Mobile Application.
  • Ability for employees to work remotely (home/office/on-the-go)
  • Call accountability with Nautilus Smart Reporting, never miss any inbound calls again!
  • Call recordings for both inbound and outbound calls
  • Cost savings on international calls with our Nautilus Softphone & Mobile Applications
Nautilus BCP Programme

Suggested BCP Solutions

1. Nautilus Hybrid Setup

For companies with an existing Telco Business Fixed Line in the office, the main telephone line can be connected to Nautilus Asterisk Hybrid server and redirect the line to Nautilus Cloud PBX. This will ensure that you will have cloud extension ride on your existing business fixed line.

2. Nautilus Full Cloud based Setup

For companies that do not want to have any more hardware to maintain, they can migrate all the business fixed line to Nautilus Cloud. They will have plug and play features. No more relocation fees and no hardware maintenance fees.

Contact us to setup your Company BCP Today!

Whether it is the ongoing COVID-19 or any other situation that may impact your business, companies must have contingency plans in place for communications. Using the various telephony solutions available, you can ensure that there are minimal interruptions to your business operations, and you can continue to keep your customers happy. We offer companies a fast, flexible and cost-effective way to deal with unexpected situations anytime. Contact us now to get the BCP package offer!

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